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Каква е целта на моя профил?


In your profile you can view and edit your login information, your personal data and your interests on the website.

Go to your profile.

If you want to know how to do this please read the article Къде да намеря профила си?

Set your new password.

If you want to change your password enter your current password and your new password two times and click on "Change password".

Please always choose a secure password. Read more in Как да избера сигурна парола?

Change your e-mail address.

If you change your e-mail address now, all other changes will be lost. Best procedure is to change your profile first and then update your e-mail address. Read more in Как да променя своя email адрес?

Set your personal data.

Set your journalist settings.

If you apply for press access as a journalist you can enter your magazine and publisher here.

Please note that Mitsubishi Electric will check and approve the user rights for journalists.

Set your interests on the website.

You can subscribe to the newsletter, select your interests for the press area and your favourite locations you want to receive information from.

Enter your current password and/or delete your account

If you want to change your security question or security answer or if you want to delete your account, please enter your current password here.

Review all your information and click on "Save" if everything is right.

Не можете да намерите нещо, което търсите? Не се колебайте да се свържете с нас...